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Final BSc trip

It was a chilling winter morning(December 29th, 2004) when me and Swetha left from her home to catch tempo in B.H Road,Sagara. It was our final year(BSc) trip, of course we wanted to make it special and memorable, because right after few months we were going to dispersed to find our own destination.Suma Madam(Sumakka) and Mahesh Sir(Maheshanna) were two young lecturers joined with us for trip.

First we visited "Amrutapura" temple(as I remember, it is near to Bhadravathi). When everybody listening to guide about the history and architecture of the temple, I was attracted by a small insect which was almost like a dry leave(at that time I was much attracted towards Insects, Birds, Animals and Plants rather than any static things). When I was curiously behind that insect, guide observed my absence. He might have angry and disappointed when he was explaining superstitious things and a girl is least bothered. He controlled himself and told me "If you don't listen to me, you are going to loose Punya which u get by listening stories of myths". Now after 6 years, my friends remember and tease me by the nick name kept from that guide(Kantamani).

After that we visited "Kallattagiri Falls". It is very good place for trekking near Chikkamagalooru. But we didn't have time to trek over there and also most of the girls were not interested to hurt their legs as they just wanted some cool views and nice travel as usual by singing and dancing. We reached "Kemmannugundi" around 2 o clock. Had heavy lunch over there. We had plan to visit Kuduremukha as well as Hebbe Falls.But it was almost 4:30 when we had lunch, roam around there and left the place. So we decided to skip Kuduremuka.

Finally our driver stopped tempo in the mid of a small hill and told us, we need to walk for another 2 km to visit Hebbe falls. I was very happy,:-) finally I got a chance to go inside the forest. I expected any different experience to be happen all over the trip. I told same to Anand. I prayed "Oh god,if there is a god,please make my dream come true":-).When we started walking we just had a landmark of maximum 2 km. But we keep on walking,no where we were able to see any falls or we could not here any sound of water falling. On the way we asked some labours in coffee estate whether we are in right direction?? and how far is the falls??. They were telling us just 1 km from here. After 1 km again we asked, they just added 1 km more to the count. It was about 6 0r 7 km we keep on walking. By that time Mahendra who left us and went early came on his way back told us Falls is too far that we can not reach there by this speed. Its better to go back. We wasted some time discussing whether we should move further or not. Finally all decided to visit falls, only Sarita(PCM) went back with Mahendra.It was almost 6:30 when we reached near falls,able to spent just 15 mins as it was about to dark.

While coming back, some Tibetian(am not sure) Estate Owner suggested us a short cut route to reach main road. Ooopsss we missed the way and were roaming inside the deep forest for another 3 0r 4 hrs. I still remember all of us holding each others hand and encouraging others in the small way where only one person can walk at a time. We could have fell down if we could missed just one step :-). As I remember Shivaram was about to fell down.

I still Remember:

1) When Nada Fell down and we were standing around her she whispered by showing one tree "Ahhh Nellikayi" :-)
2) Hema was crying when I hold her hand with my one hand and her slippers in another hand " Kanthi I know I'll die today.I won't see Eshwar's face anymore (they were in love at that time, after a huge fight with family they got married and having cute kid now)".(Sorry Hema I have imitated same in front of Eshwer after we came back safely).
3) Shubha was laughing when I fell down (too bad Shubha :-( Kanthi biddidlu anta helkondu neenu class alli ellar edrugade nange insult maadidde).
4) We didn't even having any source for light. Our eyes just adjusted for darkness.
5) Anand who never talk with girls was holding hands of 2-3 girls :-) (Sorry Anand, after came back we had make fun of you when we were sitting in hotel at Shimoga in that mid night and many times in class room also :-))
6) Thanks a lot for home owner who gave us "Chimani buddi"(light source :-)) which helped us to find our way till tempo.

List of People who came for trip(Please remind me if I have missed anybody):

1) Kanthi
2) Hema
3) Shubha
4) swetha
5) Nada
6) Sushma
7) Geeta
8) Ranjana K K
9) Ashwini k s
10) Sarita (PCM)
11) Sarita (PMC)
12) Kishwer
13) Suma Beena
14) Mahesh
15) Mahendra
16) Anand
17) Shivaram
18) Chandrashekar
19) Ramanath Reddy
20) Ranjana
21) Ashwini
22) Ambika
23) Anil
24) Swetha H T
25) Sowmya D G
26) Tejaswi S V
After 6 years I tried to recall everything. Please add if I have missed anything (Special Rights given to our entire batch)

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  1. First of all, thank you so much for bringing back the memory of such an adventurous trip! Nice narration. You managed to include each tiny piece of information even after such a long time! It made me to recall all of you - my first batch students, with whom I really had a lot of fun. Thanks for that.

    It was really scary to walk in the pitch dark on the edge of the mountain making a chain by holding hands. Any rock or the stem encountered on the way would be passed on as caution.. ohh! It is still green in the memory.

    Do you remember? we saw an orange glow on the top of the mountain at our stretch on the way back. We thought it is a star or something. But later on reaching the van we learned Mahendra and co had set in a big fire to help us identify the their spot! Great presence of mind Mahendra!

    I further recall I had a strong urge to calll your name as kantimani while taking attendance next morning in the class :)It still brings a smile on my face. Also having had the responsibility of students' safety, myself and Mahesh Sir was extremely tensed but we were bound to not to express it as it could discourage the already-scared girls. Wuf! We were lucky to make it safely at last!

    Nice write up. I appreciate your enthusiasm. Keep it up. :)

  2. Thanks Sumakka.. u remind many things which i left..it was a great experience for all.. thanks a lot..anand..

  3. hellO..... gOOd..
    i was nOt a part of it but felt like i had been wid u after reading......

  4. Hey, coincidentally we had a similar experience on our way to Hebbe falls from Kemmangudi!

    We had ill-planned the whole trek and had started from kemmangundi at around 5 in the evening. We were planning to do a night trek with just one dim torch and without any guide! We met with a writer of an estate named Francis half way through who scared us that tigers often pass by this route.

    We returned back only to find all lodges in Kemmangundi full.

    Looks like Hebbe falls is a jinxed spot! :)

  5. small correction... amruthapura is near tarikere(my place)...:-))))

  6. Firstly I loved the title of your blog page "An eternal quest towards finding Myself...!". It's so explains about you.
    Coming to your post.... I have never visited the place that you have mentioned, but after reading this post I can say that I have experienced it. It's beautifully written, takes you to the place and it felt like I was going through the same experience. experience of walking slowly on steep mountain side, holding hands with friends and praying for life.
    specially liked the section "I still Remember".... Just one complain - write more posts in English :)